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Writer. Dreamer. Restless Spirit.


Naomi H Brown

About the Author

Storyteller at Heart


Naomi H Brown is an Australian writer who lives in a crumbling cottage with a sprawling back garden, shaded by glorious trees. She is run ragged by three demanding cats and a fluffy black pom-pom that may or may not be a dog named SheBear.


She enjoys curling up by the fire with a cup of Earl Grey tea, or if she is feeling naughty, a vodka lime and soda (easy on the lime and soda), Netflix binges, bumblebees, and Josh Homme from QOTSA.


When she isn’t working on her latest book, she can often be found rescuing unwanted furniture from the side of the road and giving it a makeover with a little bit of imagination and lashings of paint.

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Reign of Flesh

Mechanical wasps have taken over the skies, reducing humans to fleshy confetti and buildings to smoldering rubble. Jess, a young woman burdened with the responsibility of raising her 12-year-old sister Sasha, is suddenly thrust into a brutal fight for survival as she attempts to flee the city.

Dodging killer drones and marauding gangs, Jess is forced to face her darker instincts while becoming a beacon of hope to a group of misfits she and her sister meet along the way.


The rules have changed. The old way of life is dead.


Sometimes it’s a choice of kill or be killed. Sometimes an unlikely hero emerges from amongst the carnage.

Latest Book

Taylor's End

Ella. A mysterious outsider with holes in her memory and a malignant darkness lurking inside her.


A sleepy rural community rocked by the discovery of a mutilated body at a rest stop on the outskirts of town.


As the violence and body count rises, Nick Bremner, the local Chief of Police, is desperate to find the killer before anyone else gets hurt. But he doesn't realize what he's up against. The only one who knows the truth is a teenage boy with no job and even less hope.


Something inhuman is preying on the innocent. And it has an insatiable appetite.


Welcome to Taylor's End.

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"A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity."

Franz Kafka

Gourmet Pet Treat

Gourmet Pet Treats

The pet food factory is harbouring a nasty secret that the employees will protect at any cost.

When Caleb flunks his first semester of college, his parents banish him to Shilow to stay with a distant relative for the summer. Caleb wonders how he will survive the next few months staying in the small, isolated town with his ultra-conservative aunt.


After a gruelling week working as a labourer for a local construction company, Caleb is eager to have some fun. When his boss’s son Luke suggests they hang out later that night, he is all for it. During an illicit night of underage drinking, the boys decide to break into the pet food factory on the outskirts of town.


What begins as a harmless prank, quickly escalates into something far more sinister when Caleb stumbles into a room of unspeakable horror.

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